Known for its signature purple Ube Ice Cream, Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats now has family friendly ice cream stores. We're here to make people happy! At Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats, we use only the finest ingredients to craft our delicious and unique ice cream flavors. From our classic ube ice cream to our tropical Buko Pandan, every scoop of Magnolia premium ice cream is bursting with authentic Filipino flavor. But that's not all – our scoop shops serve the ultimate Filipino dessert – Halo Halo. It is a refreshingly cold and delightfully sweet Filipino dessert experience. We start with a mix of tropical fruit "bottomings," add a layer of finely shaved ice, pour sweet milk into the cup, and top it with a scoop of tropical ice cream and crispy fried rice. The fun begins when you "halo-halo" (mix-mix) it together. We also serve Hawaiian shaved ice, milkshakes, sliders and other Filipino specialties such as siopao, siomai, ice scramble and hotdog.